Enterprise Site List Pre-Caching

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I am looking for a possible way to pre-cache the Enterprise Site List for new users logging into a machine. My Environment is a Virtual Environment where all users logins are new user sessions. I have an issue where when new users logon, the most common site they use has a shortcut on the desktop(deployed via GPO). This site needs to open in IE11 Mode for it to work correctly. Unfortunately, Edge does not cache the Enterprise Site List until after opening the browser, and even then it takes roughly 10 seconds for it to do that. So they double-click the shortcut and will face issues logging into the site for around 10 seconds until the Enterprise Site List is downloaded and the page is refreshed then everything works correctly. I would like a way for during login to initiate the Edge Enterprise Site List Cache, or even pre-cache it for All Users. 


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Have you checked on a (non-virtual) system that could have the deviation but does not? Maybe it is cached but tossed away every time a user logs off as the virtual machine gets discarded?

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I was able to figure it out. I had to do the following:

  • Log onto the machine
  • Run Edge and let it cache the enterprise site list
  • Copy the following directory (C:\users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge)
  • Paste the copied directory under (C:\users\default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge)

Once I did that, every new user that logs onto the machine appears to be pre-cached with the enterprise site list.