Enterprise Site List Manager Fail to import it's own site.xml list

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Do you get this issues?

When I Import the Site list create by the in Edge Enterprise Site List Manager that contain url="toto:4040".

The Import from xml return error : Some information is missing in the file. Make sure you have "url" attribute and "open-in" tag for every site.

In the previous version of edge, I didn't have any issues , I build the site list with that tool to make sure to respect the format.


Now on version 91.0.864.48 and DEV 93.0.910.5. I can easily reproduce the issues.


Open edge://compat/sitelistmanager

Add a new Site

- url: toto:8080

- Open in : IE Mode

- Compat Mode : Default Mode




Export to XML

version 1

save the file


Clean the list

Import from XML the saved File sitelist.xml



result : cannot load with error message



<site-list version="1">

  <site url="toto:8080">






Where is the Error ?

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@Jean Sebastien Strecko Hello!  I believe this is a known issue and our developers are currently working on a fix.  The issue occurs when the Enterprise Site List Manager tries to import .xml files with a URL containing port numbers.  We can follow up once the fix is available.  Thanks!



@Jean Sebastien Strecko Happy Friday!  Our developers have released a fix to Microsoft Edge Canary 93.0.932.0+.  Please take a look and let us know if you are still having an issue after testing on the new version.  Thanks!



I tested on version 93.0.933.0 , seems fixed for 1-2 site import. but when I import my production Sitelist.xml with more then 365 site. the sitelistmanager turn White. no error message. that sitelist was built with edge in April.
I open edge dev tool ...by curiosity:
I see some error like:
Error: Unexpected condition on edge://compat/sitelistmanager: Could not find value for SiteListManagerOpenInMSEDGE

I figure out the issues of White page...  Case sensistive issues :)
the import fail when value are in wrong case.

must be  Default


must be  MSEdge

@Jean Sebastien Strecko Thanks for testing!  Great to hear you were able to figure out the case sensitive issue!  Have a great week!