Enterprise Mode - Useless interface bar

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I've noticed that when load any site with Enterprise Mode (IE11 Mode) an empty, non interactive bar is shown.


With Enterprise Mode:



Without Enterprise Mode:



Windows 10 1709 16299.1387
MS Edge Version (Official build) beta (64-bit)
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1. use a more updated Windows 10 version
2. use a more recent Edge insider version (Dev or Canary)
3. update your group policy files with the new unified version of it

@HotCakeX The Dev version 79.0.308.1 mostly resolves the issue.

Any URL configured for IE11 mode is displayed perfectly.

URLs using any older IE compatibility version now only have small frame:


So is it fixed now?

80 of edge dev and we still have a bar around 17px in size blocking navigation of legacy web apps. @HotCakeX 

1709 is still supported for enterprises on the 30 month cycle until April.
Do you have a screenshot?
Yeah and it can receive the stable build of new Edge

@HotCakeX sure - attached...

Oh I see now, thanks, please try send a feedback right from the browser's feedback button and then attach these screenshots to your feedback, should help them pinpoint the exact problem.
p.s to attach custom screenshots and files to your feedback, click on the blue text "diagnostic data" in the mini window of feedback.
we have a policy removing the ability to provide feedback - too much stuff being reported to IT when it went to microsoft so because it doesnt say provide microsoft feedback the decision was taken to disable it.
Sorry i didn't understand this part "too much stuff being reported to IT when it went to microsoft"

you mean that when users sent a feedback using the button on the browser, they were sent both to your IT department And Microsoft?
people thought when they did feedback through the browser it was raising an internal ticket for help/support. owing to potential gdpr breaches we removed the ability to 'send feedback'

we've raised a change request to re-word send feedback to something like send feedback to microsoft to allow us to reinstate this option by policy.




Tell them to read the bottom of feedback window





also the Privacy statement



nowhere it says that data is being sent to anywhere else other than Microsoft.

people can think whatever they want, it doesn't mean anything and companies shouldn't change something just because some people think wrong.