Enterprise Favorites - GPO settings missing

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The documentation is scarce for the handling of Favorites. Several threads relate to this, but I wanted to put together an Enterprise summary.

The default location of Favorites (bookmark) file is in:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge Beta\User Data\Default

This is visible in edge://version


There is a GPO setting that can change the location of user Data (set the user data directory), but this includes cache and a lot of non persistent data not suitable to redirect or roam.


For enterprise management of bookmarks, Microsoft have implemented Azure profile sync to facilitate "syncing of data across all devices"

The GPO setting that configures this is

"Disable syncronization of data using Microsoft sync services"

This is a parallel to Google-chrome setting to control syncing of profile data with Google.

However for Edge-Chrome there is no alternative, although the policy explanation alludes to:
Do not enable this policy when the policy 'RoamingProfileSupportEnabled' is enabled, as 'RoamingProfileSupportEnabled' duplicates the sync functionality.


I do not find any reference on how to enable 'RoamingProfileSupportEnabled' via GPO for Edge-chrome.

This would be a great feature,  as an Enterprise we will not enable syncing of our users (browser) profile with Azure services.


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@Ozboz For Enterprise favorites, in my limited experience thus far, there are two options that work well. There is a setting in the GPO for "Configure favorites" and it takes JSON coded bookmarks just like the Chrome GPO does. This creates a persistent set of bookmarks that will follow the user regardless of what bookmarks they create on their own. Also the bookmarks file you alluded to, I have a GPO that pushes that file down to the user in my Citrix environment. This allows me to keep the bookmarks consistent in that environment. I plan to use the configure favorites GPO setting to push the persistent bookmarks to the end users after the GA version drops.