Efficiency mode can not be disabled

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Even with the new policy introduced in 106, efficiency mode is still running.


reg add "HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge" /v "EfficiencyModeEnabled" /t REG_DWORD /d "0" /f


"If you disable this policy, efficiency mode will never become active." "The EfficiencyMode and EfficiencyModeOnPowerEnabled policies will have no effect."

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@TairikuOkami Hello!  Just to confirm, you mentioned the EfficiencyModeEnabled policy introduced in v106.  If you use the EfficiencyMode policy from v96 ( and set to 'NeverActive', does that work as expected?  



Hi. That policy never worked either and a few people mentioned it on reddit too.
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@TairikuOkami Hi!  I just reached out to the team and they were able to provide some additional insight!  They explained that Windows (OS) has an efficiency mode feature and MS Edge (browser) has a separate efficiency mode feature.  The screenshot you've provided showing the Task Manager is showing the Windows efficiency mode and the MS Edge settings and policy cannot control the Windows feature.  



Can this Windows OS efficiency mode be disabled then for Edge? It allows me to disable it for pretty much any other app in Task Manager but not Edge, and I don't see a reason why a user shouldn't be allowed this basic level of control over their experience with Edge. At this point, I might just have to switch back to Chrome.

@torrent501 Hello!  It looks like for the Task Manager Efficiency mode, if you have any suggestions or feedback, click here to jump to the Task Manager category in Feedback hub (Win+F – Feedback Hub -> Desktop Environment – Task Manager).  Thanks!