EdgeUpdateSetup (Edge services) via SCCM

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We've a 'special' way of updating Edge. 

We do not allow to obtain Edge Updates straigth from the Web, via the clients update options.

For the same reason we cannot use the new EDGE features of SCCM. (It bypasses the upstream WSUS server in the DMZ, and wants to go straight to the web too)

Instead, we use a Software Update Group, in SCCM,  to deploy the (stable) update to Edge. I manually check "All Software Updates" to link the new update to the Software Update Group etc.


This works OK for us.


However, I recently noticed that there is a challenge with the update of the Edge Update services.

Apparently the EdgeUpdate can also contain updates to the EdgeUpdate services.

I can see attempts to install this, currently MicrosoftEdgeUpdateSetup_x86_1.3.135.49.exe, but these are 'blocked' by our AV tools, as these utilize APPDATA.

Therefore we're still at for the EdgeUpdate services.


I will create another SCCM package to apply the, but my question are:

- is the MicrosoftEdgeUpdateSetup_x86_1.3.135.49.exe included in the (stable) Edge Update?

- who is in control of installing this, Edge, the Edge Update or??

- how can I handle this in a more proper way?????

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