Edge wont open on several laptops

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Hi friends

We have several laptops (HP EliteBook 85 G8) here in the office (Running latest Windows Win10 21H1) where Edge will not launch.

I've tried repairing the install but this does not help.

I have also tried installing the Edge Beta along side and it will not open either.

This problem has only started to occur recently, since applying November critical and important patches. However, this is only effecting a small number of machines at work - maybe 5% of laptops. Could you assist please? Thanks Steve

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I suggest you check the Defender firewall - add the allowed Application Edge exe.
Sometimes controlled access to the folder blocks access, certainly beta version it is very likely.

Thanks for your reply.
I tried disabling Windows Defender Firewall (and rebooting) on a test user's laptop.
Still no luck.
Any more ideas?