Edge won't sync - multiple different errors on one account

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I'm trying to get Edge to sync but having issues. I am logging in with my work account on my work PC, I have an O365 A1 licence which I can see is one of the licences that supports the sync of Edge.
The first time I logged in, there were no errors, it just said that it was syncing for several hours. Then next time I opened the browser, it said sync isn't available for my account. On my work laptop, it has said from the beginning that sync isn't available, on both the regular version of Edge & the beta version.
Using the beta version of Edge on my work PC it says it can't connect to the sync server.
I've ensured all installs of the browser are up to date, but I can't get any to sync.
Am I missing something?

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I have the same issue with my Microsoft account and O365 subscription