Edge won't install - error 0x80004005

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Hey there.


I'm trying to install the new Edge, but Windows Update couldn't install it. There was an error "0x80004005". I tried checking it online but nothing specific and nobody was able to do anything with it.

I once installed Chromium Edge, long time ago and uninstalled it to go back to the old Edge, could that be it? Some files were deleted and won't allow install of new Edge? I uninstalled it normally via "Program & Functions".  Maybe some registry files, that tells Edge installer windows is up to date are missing? 


When I try to install Edge right now, no matter if via online install or standalone installer, I'm keep getting information to update my Windows 10 and of course it's fully updated up to this day. For proof, I'm giving you info about my OS:




Here's what I've done so far:

  • I've tried runnig troubleshooter for Windows Update but it' didn't helped.
  • Running "sfc /scannow" via cmd.
  • Resetting Windows Update tool.
  • Removing "Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe" folder from AppData/Local/Packages and trying to download via PowerShell wouldn't helped either. 


I'm out of solutions for my problem and worst part is, that there are no answers and I think nobody would be able to help here... If you have any ideas what should I do, it would be great! 

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@PSPatricko Is it error form Windows Update or is it error during installing Microsoft Edge?

What was the result from Windows Update troubleshooter?

Follow steps on Microsoft Support website and follow manual steps: