Edge v86 crashes on login name containing äöü and ß

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We are using 32bit (because Citrix etc.) and with all new Versions of stable v86

(86.0.622.48, 86.0.622.43, 86.0.622.38)

the Browser in combination with login names containing äöü and ß, will crash on startup ad_edge.PNG

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@EdgeLuffy Hi Patrick - Thanks for reaching out!  I want to loop in the right folks from our team but had a couple of questions. 


Did the crashes just start once you upgraded to MS Edge V86?  Was it working with those characters in previous versions of MS Edge?  Are these Active Directory accounts?  Also, what version of Windows Server are you using?  



@Kelly_Y previously we are on v85 without problems

yes, we are using AD Accounts (on prem) and Server 2016 as Terminal Server

@EdgeLuffy  Thank you for the additional information!  Unfortunately, our team was not able to reproduce the crash when using those characters.  To investigate this specific issue further, would you be able to file a customer support request?  They will be able to gather the necessary crash data and logs in order to troubleshoot.