Edge v78 asks User on first start which New-Tab Design to choose, how Preconfigure/Disable this?

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Current Beta-Version of Edge v78.0.276.14 shows up on first start with a "Welcome / glad you are here" Screen and asks the User which Design to choose for "New Tab" on first start. This is annoying:


2019-10-11 18_03_11-.png


I have to disable this question on first start and preconfigure this for the Users. But I cannot find a new Policy to control this behavior. Beta Version v77.0.235.24 didn't have this behavior - seems to be new in Beta v78.


Any Ideas? Even if i configure the Policy "NewTabPageLocation" as "about:blank" so that a new tab doesn't show anything the user is asked which design to choose on first start.

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@Gunnar Haslinger  I'm running into this as well.  Can anyone tell us how to disable this pop-up for all users???  This is really hurting us right now...

I figured out how this "First Run Experience" ist triggered.


In the Edge UserProfile there is a file "Local state" which is as JSON formatted Settings-File. 


The setting "has_user_seen_fre" has to be true, if not existent or false the First Run Experience is shown.


To prevent the First-Run-Experience I create an empty Edge-Userprofile just Containing a almost empty "Local state" file, just having this one setting in it. This solution is ugly but works.


Please provide a Policy to disable this "First Run Experience" Wizzard if needed! For regular Users this First Run Experience makes (maybe) sense, but not for a system where the Profile gets cleaned up after each user-change regularly etc...

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As there is no Solution provided by Microsoft, I created a Script (as a workaround). I published it here:

@Stefan_Moser This thread is almost half a year old :) sure, it works now as a policy was provided.

Doesn’t work properly for me though.

We want to skip the wizard, signing in with AAD credentials without prompting (single sign on) and turn on sync automatically.

Doesn't work for us. It gets stuck on a white pop-up screen (that normally contains the welcome text) and you have to force close Edge. It's gone after opening Edge again but the second problem is the content is now set to a full page of MSN News. Great for Enterprise users...