Edge v 115 and above breaks GoToIntranetSiteForSingleWordEntryInAddressBar GPO setting

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In our enterprise of 15000 + workstations after Edge v115 (including Edge Beta 116) the setting we have deployed for going to an Intranet site by a single word is now Bing searching instead of navigating to the requested Intranet URL.


This is affecting @health services for all clinicians.


GPO setting  for Edge is:  GoToIntranetSiteForSingleWordEntryInAddressBar


Rollback to 114 fixes the issue, but I'm not keen to apply this to the fleet if MS can fix ASAP please!


@Kelly_Y I note this was an issue some time ago that you escalated as per comments on page 3 of this discussion:

Policy needed: "Go to an intranet site for a one-word entry in the Address bar" - Page 3 - Microsoft...





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@Corncob75 Hi!  Thanks for reaching out!  The team is aware of this issue in v115 and is working on the fix.  Apologies this is affecting your organization.  I can follow up once the fix has been deployed.  



Thanks for the response Kelly, do we have any update on this issue? It is still impacting us on Version 115.0.1901.203
Looking at the release schedule we're due for the 116 extended stable channel this week too, and Beta 116.0.1938.43 is still experiencing the same issue as 115.

This is concerning as the stable channel (latest version) will be affected too!

@Corncob75 Hi!  I checked with our developer and the fix should be in Microsoft Edge Canary channel already and this week they plan on backporting the fix.  Are you able to test on Canary?  Thanks! 



Morning @Kelly_Y thanks for the update, I will test when I get to work later this morning.
Confirmed, Version 117.0.2040.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) has the fix in place. I am able to hit our Intranet clinical applications via single word entries again.

Do the developers think the fix will be in place prior to the Extended stable release of v116 due this week?

@Corncob75 Great to hear it is working in Canary!  Thank you for testing!  


Yes, the developers did say they would like to get the fix into Stable this week.  



Any confirmation of when the fix will be in a stable release?

@Catch22 Hopefully the next Microsoft Edge Stable v116 should have the fix.  To verify if the fix is included, it will be in versions above 116.0.1938.60. 



@Kelly_YThank you.  Is there an ETA on the next stable release?

@Catch22 The next stable release should be this week if there are no delays.  Hopefully the fix makes it into the build.  Thanks! 



Our endpoints have updated to Version 116.0.1938.62, I can confirm that GoToIntranetSiteForSingleWordEntryInAddressBar GPO setting is now working again.

Thanks Adam.