Edge Updates with WSUS server Automatically

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I have put Microsoft Edge on a 2019 Server.  I have downloaded and installed the group policies for Edge.  Because we don't have internet connection to this server, I have to use a WSUS server to get the updates.  I have turned the Microsoft Edge Update/Applications to enabled then Updates disabled so that Edge is not trying to downloaded from the Windows Update site.  I have  the same setting for each of the Edge, Beta, Canary and Dev sections.   

I get the updates in the Windows update section but they don't install.  I have to manually click install now to get the updates to install.  

I have the Group policy to install updates that do not require a reboot enabled.  


Am I missing a group policy to have these install with out having to click install on either the server or in the WAC?  


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Other Windows Updates are installed automatically? Only Edge Updates not?

@Thilo Langbein At this time the only other updates that I have installing automatically are the Windows Defender updates and they work perfect.  

The Edge are on the server to install but will not install automatically.  


No (monthly) Cumulative Updates?

@Thilo Langbein 

No not yet.  I am in the process of setting that up in the next few months.