Edge update group policy not appearing in user configuration


Take a look at this picture:


Annotation 2019-10-22 190034.png



in Computer Configuration, I have 3 set of policies

but in User Configuration, I only have 2 set of policies, 1 is missing which is "Microsoft Edge Update"



this is a non-domain-joined computer and I need it to be in User Configuration to modify auto-update settings, Not in Computer Configuration.

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The updater is only on a per computer basis, not a per user.  Basically, you can push policy to the machine, but not to individual users on the same machine.  Is there a particular use case that you could tell us more about?

I'm on Windows 10 pro (Workgroup), using Edge insider Canary. I want to use that group policy to increase the update cycle period and make it more frequent, say like every 20 minutes.

when I modify that group policy, it doesn't effect my Edge browser. i can tell it by checking
and there is no update policy being applied to the browser.
only group policy configurations set in User Configuration are applied to my browser, nothing from Computer configuration.