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I noticed that some of my customers with MS 365 Basic and Business Standard plans can sync their MS Edge information, while others can't.  Based in this article, sync only works with plans that include Azure AD Premium P1 and P2, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and EDU.  




Could it be that MS is starting to expand to smaller plans?  Is there an article with details about this?



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@Daniel Velez Thanks for reaching out. I'm tagging in @Kelly_Y from our Enterprise team, who can help.


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Thanks, @Deleted !


Hi @Daniel Velez - I just spoke with the Sync Team.  There have been no changes to the Sync Prerequisites.


Do you have a specific case where M365 Business Standard or Business Basic is able to Sync and would like us to investigate?  



@Kelly_Y Sorry to intrude. But my smaller organization is having the same issue. We can sign into the new Microsoft Edge but we get the "Sync is not available right now" message. It's been like this for months. I've read around and saw something where I might need to enable something through Azure. Any thoughts?

Hello, @Kelly_Y, it appears that sync in Edge now works with Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Microsoft 365 Business Standard accounts. However, the "Sync Prerequisites" documentation you linked to above still doesn't have them listed.


Hi @Kelly_Y, my account does use a "Microsoft 365 Business Standard" license and Edge shows now "Sync is not available for this account".

Checking "edge://sync-internals/" it shows:
Transport State Disabled
Disable Reasons Feature not supported
Sync Feature Enabled false
Setup In Progress false
Auth Error OK since browser startup
Sync Account Type AAD


Actionable Error



Error Description Microsoft Information Protection service is disabled


How can I resolve this issue?

When I check edge://sync-internals with M365 Business Standard, I get a similar result to @CaptNemo1855. Is this feature supposed to work for Business Basic and Standard?
Hi Kelly. I have a microsoft 365 business basic account, so:
I can synchronize edge with my personal microsoft free account on both windows pc and mobile devices;
I can sync edge with my business basic account on mobile devices;
i can't sync edge for windows pc with microsoft 365 basic (or standard) business account?
Honestly i'm disappointed with Microsoft this time. I think it's a basicly function

Hi Everyone!  Just to follow up, we've made some updates and Sync is now available for M365 Business Premium, Business Standard, or Business Basic customers.  


Here is our updated documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-enterprise-sync#prerequisites


Thanks and appreciate your patience!  




1.  Its still not working for me with microsoft 365 business basic license.  I tried logging in and out as well as installing the latest edge build.

2.  The documentation, even though it says it works with business standard, implies later that AIP is a requirement.  It can't be both

I'm confused on this too. I changed my subscription from Exchange Online to Business Basic, however it still doesn't work. It seems like you need Azure Information Protection to actually enable this, but that's in a much higher plan. So, what's the actual story here?

It appears that this still isn't completely rolled out. As early as February, I was seeing Edge syncing work with the majority of my clients that have Business Basic and Business Standard licenses. However, just this past week I noticed that a new client with a newly created Microsoft 365 tenant using Business Basic licenses was getting the "Sync isn't available for this account" message.


I assumed that once they had listed Business Basic and Business Standard as supported in their documentation that the feature was fully rolled out, but I guess not.

@Kelly_Y same here, I have a M365 business basic subscription. Edge responses that sync is disabled for my account. I'm using Windows 11 Insider preview with newest Edge version. My personal MS account does work, but my business basic account is not. When will Edge sync be available for all business standard and business basic users?

Same here, also with Business basic

@Franciscori @aviynw @rev23dev @tcgcomputers @Luke_R Hi Everyone!  I have confirmed with the team that Sync should work with Business Basic and Business Standard.  


For the team to investigate further, would you all be able to submit diagnostic data through our in-browser feedback tool? It's under "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback.  Please select "Send diagnostic data"


Also, for the team to be about to find it quickly, can you include the string "TechCommunitySync" in the description and comment below once you've submitted it?  Thank you! 




@Kelly_Y Thanks, I sent what you requested.

@Kelly_Y Sent. Thank you!

I have sent the requested feedback from the client's computer that is having this issue. Thank you.

Thanks, everyone!  I was able to find 5 feedback reports.  I've sent it off to the team to investigate.  



@Franciscori @aviynw @rev23dev @tcgcomputers @Luke_R Hello!  Quick update, the team thinks they have identified the root cause but need to do further investigation for each individual case.  


For those that included their email address in their Feedback, I have replied to you via email.  


There are 2 reports that did not include email addresses, for those would you be able to send your “Tenant ID”?  It can be found on the edge://signin-internals/ page.  But please do not reply to this post with your Tenant ID, please send me a message directly.  


Let me know if there are any questions.  Thanks!