Edge support for Office 365/Azure AD tenant restrictions

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It would be great to see Edge support similar functionality to what exists in Chrome/Edge for Google Workspace but for Office 365/Azure AD.


Specifically, to restrict which 365 accounts you can sign into in Edge in an enterprise environment, you need to deploy a proxy or a custom extension to be able to set tenant restriction headers.  The following headers "Restrict-Access-To-Tenants" and " Restrict-Access-Context" need to be set, per the docs https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/manage-apps/tenant-restrictions

However, Google Workspace has this exact feature built into and it's MUCH easier and pretty much the same thing can be done by setting the AllowedDomainsForApps policy.  This sets the " X-GoogApps-Allowed-Domains" header for all google.com requests without needing any proxy or extension.


It would be great to see Office 365 supported out of the box in both Edge and Chrome without having to deploy a proxy just for setting this header.

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Just for additional consideration... Firefox supports this policy AllowedDomainsForApps for Google Workspace too!





@alex335678 Hi!  This sounds like it could be a feature request for the Office 365 team.  Have you tried to reach out in their Community Hub or provide feedback to them?