Edge Stable MSI wrong architecture in installer

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Today i planed to deploy Enge Stable 79.0.301 in my environment but when i try adding edge do GPO i found out that both MSI package show that they are in x86 version, when one installer (x64) should show that is x64 version.


Because of this deployment its basically pointless because GPO wont be able install right package based on platform architecture. 

This may even cause installation in wrong directory o even make installation impossible because of conflict with x64 version.


I was able to repair this using orca and changing platform in "Summary information" - in both version x86 and x64 platform is set to "intel" when on x64 should be x64 like in image below



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@_bolek_ even worse; the x64 platform version is installed in the x86 ProgramFilesFolder path...


@Henno_Keers i suspected this when i looking other post and one mentioned this.

@adamsmith34 i miss your post when i looked if someone have that same issue.




@_bolek_ I linked to my post to confirm and support your issue.


hello, how exatcly did you repair?

What exact version of Orca?
I'm trying to do it but when I save the .MSI from Orca (5.0, latest I found) (even, without making any change) I get an error from group policy: "cannot extract informations about deployment of the packages: run validations"

Sorry for bad english and bad translation of error message.


@unlikely i used super orca, its enhanced version of orca.

07.2022 - Issue remains

@Muncubus @_bolek_ Hello - Can you provide more information about the issue?  And how to reproduce?  


Are you downloading the files from Download Microsoft Edge for business - Microsoft?


I've tried to reproduce and when selecting Windows 64-bit the MicrosoftEdgeEnterpriseX64.msi was downloaded.  When selecting Windows 32-bit the MicrosoftEdgeEnterpriseX86.msi was downloaded.  








Are you downloading the files from Download Microsoft Edge for business - Microsoft?


Deploying through GP MicrosoftEdgeEnterpriseX64.msi  and get:


because of:


The fix is:




@Muncubus Thank you for the very helpful information!  Couple follow up questions, just want to make sure we loop in the right folks on the team for this.  


Can you share more information about your deployment method?  Also, where this screenshot is from?  




Thank you! 



I was trying to deploy new version through group policy in my test environment..

@Muncubus Thank you!  I'll check with the team and follow up if more information is needed.