Edge Stable ignores parameter DONOTCREATEDESKTOPSHORTCUT=true during installation


This parameter was introduced with version 81.0.416.53.
But now with version 84.0.522.52 an icon will be placed at the public desktop even with the parameter.

Microsoft, any idea why this happens?

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@pilgi3 Hi!  Thanks for reaching out!  You mentioned this is not working on Version 84.0.522.52, was this working previously?  If so, can you share around what version you noticed the Desktop shortcut being added?  Any additional information would be helpful for our team to investigate! 


Also, I wanted to mention we have a Policy available to prevent a desktop shortcut.  Here is a link:  (Please note: If Microsoft Edge is already installed, this policy will have no effect)



Thanks for your reply!

I found out the parameter is working correctly when installing Edge (86). 

We are testing already the new Windows 10 20h2 version and I could see, the Edge (84) is already integrated.

So I will try to work with the GPO to prevent the desktop shortcut at the first logon.

Because you mentioned this does not work if Edge is already installed I am a little bit of nervous.

I will let you know the results.

Sorry for the misleading informations!

best response confirmed by pilgi3 (Contributor)

The GPO did not work.

But I was able to remove the shortcut in the public desktop (c:\users\public\desktop) directory after mounting the WIM File.

After the logon there is no desktop shortcut anymore.

@pilgi3 Great to hear things are working.  Thanks for following up!