Edge opens up a blank tab when launching InfoPath form from Outlook

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When we receive an email in Outlook that has a direct link to an InfoPath form, it will launch MS Edge (blank tab that has the URL of the file ending in .xml) but also provides a dialog box that allows us to Open the file and launch InfoPath to view the form.
We can make changes and save it and close InfoPath, but the URL blank tab is still open.

If we are on the actual Intranet site in MS Edge, and we click on an InfoPath Form link (exactly same URL as mentioned above), then no extra tab is opened, we are just provided with a dialog box to open the document in InfoPath.

If you have IE as your default, and you get that same email link, the form will open without launching a browser.

Ideally we would like the same potential behaviour if possible, as it just opens tabs we don’t need. So maybe there is a configuration on how MS Edge deals with .xml files by default?


We have GPOs in place that follow MS standardization. We are using the latest stable build of MS Edge Chromium, and using Office 2016.
The InfoPath forms are stored on a SharePoint 2010 environment.
We have InfoPath 2013 installed so that we can open these forms to make changes. These are NOT webforms.

We have IEMode enabled and configured to work when using any site on our local domain.
We are using Windows 10 1809/1909 machines.


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@KevinJ613 Hi!  Thanks for reaching out!  Just to confirm, after clicking the link from Outlook and MS Edge is opened, is the blank tab in IE Mode?  



@Kelly_Y Great questions, and not something i even thought of, so I had to double check.

When in Outlook and we click the link, MS Edge does NOT open in IEMode.

When i go through our Intranet site and browse to the same InfoPath link (all in IEMode), it just opens up the options to Open the link, not open another tab.


So i guess the big question if this is in fact the reason, is how do i get these links to open in IEMode?

@KevinJ613 Thanks for verifying!  I'll connect with the IE Mode team and follow up with any updates from them.  



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@KevinJ613 Hi - I've heard back from the team and based upon the limited information, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what is happening.  They've recommended that you file a customer support request. You should be able to work with support to investigate/resolve your specific issue as it will probably be necessary for you to share logs that might contain sensitive information/PII.



@Kelly_Y Thank you, I will open up a support ticket.