Edge insider Dev Group Policy files are missing

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there used to be a small arrow here to choose between Beta and Dev group policy files but it's been removed and only beta files are available to download.


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@HotCakeX - Thank you for reporting this issue. This was partially by design*. However, the policy template should be updated weekly similar to the Dev channel browser release cadence. I've reported the issue and we are working to get it resolved as quickly as possible.


* Why by design? Browser policies apply to all channels. If you set a browser policy it will effect Canary, Dev, and Beta if the associated feature has reached the channel. The are a couple of exceptions in the update polices. For example, Allow installation can be configured per channel.


Thank you very much,
Yes it makes more sense having one (weekly updated) group policy setting file for all of the Edge insider channels

@HotCakeX The issue is resolved. The latest policy template is available at

Thank you, just downloaded the universal policy files and replaced with the old ones, works fine as expected, for Canary/Dev/Beta