Edge: IE Mode version changes

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hello Team,


1. Can you help me resolve the issue where the IE mode under the "Internet Explorer mode diagnostic information" section keeps changing? Attached is the screenshot for the diagnostic page.

2. We are currently investigating the IE mode policy for our intranet websites and therefore it will be good if you can provide the information what causes this number to change and what is the significance of this number.


The version can be checked through: edge://compat/iediagnostic


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We have the same problem, it changes from 9 to 10 =(

How to set the API-version?


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@johnnyericsson82, kindly refer the link for more details. 


As per the above link:


Internet Explorer mode. Shows the API version that's used, based on the configuration and OS. If there's a problem, the user may be prompted to install a Windows Update.


@MSDN_Geek Yes we have seen that article, but its not enough info for us! Do you have more documentation?

Why does the API change?

What does API 9 to Edge

What does API 10 to Edge

Can we set the API?

and more and more!