Edge group policy "Configure list of force-installed Web Apps" not working properly


Hello everyone, 

it's quite some time that I'm struggling with Edge "Configure list of force-installed Web Apps" group policy. 


to make it short, I have a simple configuration with a Domain Controller and a VM in the domain. 

I configured and applied the policy under Computer Configuration - Administrative template - Microsoft Edge - Configure list of force-installed Web Apps in the DC and, after a while, the policy properly propagated and I could see the new web app correctly appearing on the desktop of the VM. 


The issue appears when i try to modify or disable it from the DC. The web app does not change/disappear from the VM (it does instead on the DC itself). I tried running gpupdate /force from the vm, i tried rebooting and rejoining the domain, but it seems to be stuck there.


I actually managed to do it by going to the Manage apps section from within the browser on the VM. From there, simply clicking over the app seems to be triggering something because it finally disappears.

I don't know if I've explained my self but the behaviour is not linear and I'm indeed struggling in finding the right way to do it.


Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you


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@NicolaSebastiani Hello!  I've reached out to our developers about your question and they have said:


"The browser needs to run at least once after a change to the force app install list to either install or remove the apps in that list.  In order to uninstall these apps the user will have to restart their browser window."


Please let us know if you have any further questions. 



@Kelly_Y Thank you for your answer!


If I get this right, if a new user is added to the domain, the app will not be installed until he opens the browser for the first time. It not exactly the behaviour I was hoping for but I think it could work :)


Thanks again!


@NicolaSebastiani Good luck!  Please let us know if any other questions come up!