Edge for Business Auto-Sigin In with EntraID on Hybrid AzureAD joined systems

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I'm using MS Edge enterprise verison 120 on Windows 10 Enterprise 22 H2. Our systems are Hybrid AzureAD joined. User's can manaully sigin into their Edge profile with their hybrid EntraID but reading here (Microsoft Edge identity support and configuration | Microsoft Learn) my expectation is that they are auto-sigined in as per this:


Microsoft Edge uses the OS default account to auto sign into the browser. Depending on how a device is configured, users can get auto signed into Microsoft Edge using one of the following approaches.

  • The device is hybrid/AAD-J: Available on Win10, down-level Windows, and corresponding server versions. The user gets automatically signed in with their Microsoft Entra account.


Is there a specific policy/configurtioan to enable auto-sigin-in in my setup ?

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@shocko Hi - I've reached out to the team and they have a few follow up questions.  If the auto sign-in is not working, can you share how the accounts in Windows are configured?  In the cases where it is not working, is there more than one account configured?  Also, do you have a profile signed in?  





So the Windows 10 systems are Hybrid AzureAD jonied and the users are synchronised from ADD on-prem to AzureAD using ADConnect. There are no other accounts configured no profiles created.

@shocko Thanks!  Just to be sure and confirm, there is only one account on the device and it is an AD on-prem account.  Is that correct? 


I've spoken with the team and to automatically sign a user into Edge it is necessary to have an AAD (Azure AD) account.