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Is it possible to inventory extensions (form Ms store & google store) installed by users using a tool like MECM ?


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Check the group policy setting 'Control which extensions are installed silently'.


I'm not currently using this policy but I think this might do what you are looking for. Be sure to read the whole Help section as it gives examples at the bottom.



I think he doesnt want to control what extensions user install. he just wants an report over all by users installed extensions. just to keep an eye on it. interesting idea. so you maybe can use it to sharpen your blacklist

@Joachim_T  That's right. To goal is to make an assessment of extension installed by users and then decide what we allow or block. 



I dont need this feature because we block all except whitelisted extension.


Anyway i support your feature request. But i dont see i way to make this happen except a logon skript/powershell writing data to an central "database". And so far there are no central management structures for such an feature in Edge.