Edge Dev Default Search Broken

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On Microsoft Edge Dev 95.0.1000.0, type search terms into the address bar and hit enter. Nothing happens.  I also noticed that highlighting text and right-clicking no longer has the option to search for the highlighted text.  If I perform the same procedure on Microsoft Edge Stable 93.0.961.38, it searches Google with the entered/selected terms, as expected.


I noticed that the default search engine in Edge Settings appears to be corrupt in Edge Dev and looks okay in Edge Prod.









In our company, the default search engine is managed by a GPO, per the instructions / example in the GPMC.  This registry entry is shared between all versions of Edge on a machine…so it seems as though Edge Dev has the issue if Edge Stable still works fine.:





I am virtually certain that this is a Microsoft Edge Chromium bug... I’m pretty sure it started with Edge Dev 95.0.1000.0, but I cannot say for sure.




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@Metroparks Thanks for reaching out and thanks for the detailed report!  It looks like the team has received other similar feedback reports.  They are currently investigating and we'll let you know if they have any updates or if they have any follow up questions.  



@Kelly_Y, I am happy to let you know that I just got the update to Edge Dev 95.0.1020.0 (Official builddev (64-bit), and this issue seems to be fixed in this build!!  Thank you!!

@Metroparks That is great to hear!  Thank you for following up and letting us know.  



@Kelly_Y I do observe the exact same behavior in Edge Beta (build 94.0.992.23). I can confirm I don't have the issue anymore on Edge Dev (build 95.0.1020.0). Now, I'm anxious to know it the changes were retrofitted to the 94.x series codebase, in order for the next major version of Edge to not encounter the search issue.

@Deleted Hi!  The issue should be fixed in v94.  We are expecting a Stable release today.  Please test and let us know if you are still reproducing after updating.  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y Thanks for the quick feedback, and having validated that the fix had been backported! I do confirm that the issue seems solved in build 94.0.992.31.