Edge Dev Channel update to 110.0.1556.0

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I've been advised to post here



i've 2 win10 'autopatched' test devices both in the same policy groups that have both upgraded to this release...
within edge://settings

1 has sidebar (between appearance and Start, home and new tabs) and the other does not???

the one that does can go to edge://settings/sidebar - the other cannot

both have the sidebar tools removed

any ideas?

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@NickB Hi!  You mentioned that the sidebar is "removed".  Do both of the machines have the HubsSidebarEnabled policy set to disabled?  Can you confirm the machines have exactly the same policies applied?  Thanks! 



hubssidebarenabled are all set as not configured in the admin template within MEM/Intune
both devices are in the same polict groups and edge://policy/ confirms they are identical
I removed Edge Dev from the device acting strange and reinstalled - now working as expected
heads up in case anyone else has similar issues
i've enabled hubssidebarenabled however all the manage > apps listed e.g. search, discover shopping, tools, games, microsoft 365, outlook, drop onenote feed, health and wellness are listed as blocked with the briefcase suggesting this was done by policy.

for those i can find (not all or not obvious) with a policy these are also not configured except for shopping and games that are disabled

Shopping in Microsoft Edge Enabled = disabled
Allow users to access the games menu = disabled

its not inheriting the extensions list policy by chance? clocked this... we do block all extensions by default and have a force and allow list.

@NickB Hello - If you are blocking all extensions using a wildcard, this is currently not working as expected with regard to Sidebar. 


There is an ongoing discussion on GitHub (Block specific sidebar apps not working · Issue #437 · MicrosoftDocs/Edge-Enterprise (github.com)) and an upcoming change being made to the policy.  This might be related to what you are experiencing.  



i think we found the culprit - thanks @Kelly_Y

@NickB Hello!  We updated the policy to accept wildcard characters.  Please see the updated documentation: Manage the sidebar in Microsoft Edge | Microsoft Learn.  This update is available in Microsoft Edge v110, which was released to the Beta Channel today Microsoft Edge release notes for Beta Channel | Microsoft Learn.  


Let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks!