Edge Compatibility and multiple XMLs

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As we all know IE is being put out to pasture in less than 2 months. Like many of you have I already implemented IE Compatibility in Edge but one thing that is hindering me a bit is the need for different box or accounts to host the "Enterprise Mode Site List Manager"...The tool itself is a bit clunky and doesnt play well if you need multiple admins to work the list and export...I was curious to see what others have done to work this nuance and also if there is a way to nest lists, IE have a master list for everyone and then bolt on a few more sites for specific reasons for testing (ie dev edge site testers)

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@Russell Meyer Hi!  Have you looked at using Cloud Site List Management for IE mode?  Here is a link to the documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/edge-ie-mode-cloud-site-list-mgmt



I have looked at it however have not been able to take it for a testdrive yet...however it still doesnt appear you can nest XMLs...on the surface it would allow for multiple admins to make adjustments

@Russell Meyer The document does mention that "You can publish multiple site lists to the cloud and use group policy to assign different groups of devices to use different lists."  Maybe it could be an option for your organization! :smile:



is there a roadmap item to nest in the XMLs? I will take it for a spin and see if its good option for overall list management...