Edge Collections Backup and Restore

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Hi folks,

I had created a lot of collections in MS Edge and then I had to re-install windows from scratch on the PC.  When I re-installed MS Edge it did not save my collections, although it did save all my favorites.  Yes, I did have sync turned on.  Is there a process to backup or sync collections and a way to restore all that content?


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@MiguelEgas2020Same here! I'm trying to see if I can uninstall Edge or install it as a side-by-side to see if it would help in the recovery of old collections. Have you tried it? Any luck?


edit: I just received the update myself even though I set it to warn me of any updates (which it didn't).

@MiguelEgas2020  I want to go back and look at files tat I have saved last month. How do I do it. I am a Senior 80 yrs old not too proficient in computer. Please give me the steps in simple english. Thanks.

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