Edge Chromuim won't allow PDFs to open in Adobe reader when launched from website

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Our users when clicking on a PDF link from inside Edge Chromium need the PDF to be launched in Adobe Reader and not the browser. (like IE 11 was able to do) We have went through and have verified that all file associations that have the .PDF extension point to Adobe Reader.  However, after that change PDFs linked in a browser (like IRS tax form PDF downloads) still open up in Edge Chromium in the browser. In the past this setting use to be controlled by Adobe in the PDF reader app. However, it is no longer controlled in that.


We have tested this in 2016 server and windows 10 with the latest stable version of Edge with the same results.  How can we have a user click on a PDF url link in Edge and have it open in Adobe reader?


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Make sure Acrobat is your default PDF viewer in "Default Apps". Then set Edge to download PDF's (edge://settings/content/pdfDocuments). All PDF will download to the download "Down Arrow" on the menu on right hand side. They've turned this into an Easter Egg. Right Click on the PDF file that has been downloaded and select "Open with system viewer"

This problem appears to be back. Nothing I can do will get pdf's accessed through Microsoft Edge to open in Adobe. Out of the blue, it is now happening on 4 of our machines as of about 2 weeks ago.

I have downgraded Adobe and Edge to earlier versions with still no success.

It is also happening on Firefox.

I am thinking a Win 10 update has messed with it?

This is STILL a problem.. I really do not understand Microsofts need to mess this up. Its like none of these developers have any real world knowledge. Its pathetic and sad, and unfortunately, we are stuck with this sort of mediocracy.


Btw... before anyone replies with the standard "non-working" solutions, these DO NOT work.  No matter what, the file still downloads and you have to click open.


GPO: Always Open PDF files externally

XML association for PDFs



Do you want people to go back to Chrome? Because this is how you get people to go back to Chrome

Hello - I have not tested but if the specific issue is needing to click to open the downloaded PDF file, have you tried using the AutoOpenFileTypes policy (along with the AlwaysOpenPdfExternally policy)?  



Please allow settings changes to take effect. If I've set the default app for opening a pdf to be Adobe, then that's the app I expect to open the file. If you're not going to allow that change to apply, then at least don't pretend to offer it as a viable option.