Edge Chromium doesn't import ALL favorites from IE

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We are making the migration for our users from IE to Edge Chromium and have the GPO in place "Automatically import another browser's data and settings at first run" to import the Favorites from IE into Edge Chromium. We do this since we manage the favorites, and it's easier for us to drag/drop/change extensions in the Favorites folder of our Mandatory Profiles as the favorites will change from time to time.


Alongside the internet shortcuts (.url) are .ppt/.pptx and .pdf files we drop in the favorites for ease of access. We also do this because we disable access to File Explorer for these terminal users. We found that only the .url extensions are copying over into Edge. We also noticed that Edge does not import folders recursively, as we have folders within folders at the root that do not transfer over.


I have attached an example of our setup. In IE you can see our three folders, within 'folder 1' I have three subfolders, a .PDF, a .PPTX, and an internet shortcut to Google.com.




Next we'll import the browser data from IE




After the import, only folders with found content in it are transferred over. Recursive folders are not copied and even 'Test Folder 2' and 'Test Folder 3' were not transferred since they were empty of content. We found that no extension outside of .URL would copy over into Edge.




For testing, we successfully added the .pptx and .pdf files manually. The PDF opens in Edge and even though the .pptx does not open, Edge still asks us what we would like to do with it.






Is there a way we can transfer all of the contents from IE into Edge Chromium currently with a GPO? Or will this be a feature added in a future release? For enterprise that deny access to File Explorer for security reasons this is one of the few options we've relied on in the past with IE. Thank you.


We are using Edge Version 87.0.664.75 64-bit


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@SCHMAV24 I am not surprised that Edge does not import files into the favorites database which are not favorites (.url).

The PDF and PPT files should not have been there in the first place. It is typical misuse of a function in the first place.


@SCHMAV24 Hello!  Thanks for reaching out!  Have you seen our documentation about provisioning favorites? Provision favorites for Microsoft Edge | Microsoft Docs


It also talks about using the Configure favorites Policy (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/DeployEdge/microsoft-edge-policies#configure-favorites)


If you are still having issues let us know and I can check with the team.