Edge Chromium continuously opening new tabs

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We have a number of legacy websites configured in our Enterprise Site list to open in IE11, with the rest set to open in Edge Chromium.  For some reason, some of our users are experiencing an issue whereby when opening a shortcut to an IE11 legacy website, Edge Chromium continuously opens dozens upon dozens of tabs.  A reboot usually fixes this, but for one particular user, the problem persists - I have asked him to reset the browser, then test again.


The version of Chromium Edge that we use in our environment is 87.0.664.75 (Official build) (64-bit).  


I'd just like to know what could possible cause this behavior and is there any quick fixes that one can implement?



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@craighZA Hello!  Is your user still able to reproduce the issue after resetting the browser?  Does the issue only happen on one specific website or does it happen on any website set to open in IE11?  Also, does it happen on a new version of MS Edge?