Edge Chromium and OnPrem Sync

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We are running the newest stable version of Edge Chromium on Windows 10

We want to use On Prem Sync. We have created the following settings via GPO:

RoamingProfileSupportEnabled = 1

ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn = 1

RoamingProfileLocation = ${profile}\edge-profile


The profile file "profile.pb" is created in the folder above. When we check inside Edge profile settings in the profile is "sync". 

Then I log of Windows 10 and log into another computer everything looks the same - but the profile is not sync across to the new computer.


I can't find any information about where the "sync" between the computers should be placed og any information about where I can configure this.


Roaming profiles is not an option. 


Please advise.

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You have indicated location in rooming profile. I guess you need to indicate share on network path for it to work if you don't want to use rooming profiles.

@mindst Thanks for your reply. 

I don't understand your feedback. I wrote: Roaming profiles is not an option.

@FlemmingL  On-Premises Sync work by writing to and reading from the profile.pb file. If the file is not placed centrally (like on a File Share) where the user can access the file, then the file will have to be transferred manually to the same location on the other computer.


@thola360 Thanks for your feedback. I already now this. 

I have a Support case running with Microsoft now. I will write the information back here when there is a solution.

This was working for us on Edge 85 but stopped on Edge 86. Seems the new sync options they added made it always prefer Azure sync over on prem sync