Edge Browser cannot connect via Server 2019 IIS 10 WebFarm Controller

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Hi Pals,


I's create a new Windows 11 Instance.

Whild I'm testing Edge Browser compatibility . I'd face a strange problem.


1. Edge can connect internal web via old WFF 2.0 controller ( don't popup login window )

2. Edge can connect internal web (  TWBIWEBVM04  ) with out login AD account/password.

3. Edge cannot connect via IIS Server via "Server 2019 Web Farm Controller" ( that is , Server 2019 IIS Server with Web Platform Installer 5.1's Web Farm controller ) . It always pop-up a login screen.
No matter how many times I enter Account/Password. The Login Windos always pop-up.

And If I cancel login .   Error 401 occurs.


4 If I using CHROME connect via Server 2019 Web Farm Controller. It will popup login window, and after I enter Account/Password. It continue normally.

5. Windows 10 IE worked with out login ( windows authentication )


I don't know why Edge will face this problem.



Wilson Shen

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Hi All,

I found out colleague have add a Windows Authentication PROVIDER to NEGOTIATE .
Then EDGE keep using Negotiate Mode. ( Alghought NTLM is enabled !! )
After I turn-off NEGOTIATE.
It contninue normally!

Wilson Shen