Edge Beta intermittently ignoring IE Mode

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Hi all, sorry if this is a duplicate question.  We are seeing multiple users with Edge Beta where a site in the IE Mode site list XML will sometimes load in IE mode, and sometimes it won't.  It seems completely random.  Open a new tab or refresh the same tab, 50/50 on if it will load the site in IE Mode.  Edge Stable doesn't have this issue.  We do have our Edge Beta and Edge Stable using the same GPOs and same XML file for IE Mode.


Not exactly sure when this started, but its been pretty recent, maybe within the last week that we have heard of.  I can reproduce it on 2 of my PCs with Edge Beta Version 87.0.664.12 (Official build) beta (64-bit) on Win10 1903 and Win10 2004


Anyone else seeing this, or have any thoughts?  We have all of our "Test" users using Edge Beta as part of our update ring, so hoping to ease their pain soon.  Thanks!

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We are also now getting reports of this intermittently not working in Edge Stable as well, just not as many.  Version 86.0.622.51 (Official build) (64-bit)

@SteveSta Hi Steve - Thanks for reaching out!  Yes, there was a recent post on the Forum from someone reporting the same issue (Problems with Enterprise Mode (IE Mode) in recent builds ? - Microsoft Tech Community)


We've also been getting reports of this issue from a few other sources but we still haven't been able to get a consistent repro.  


Like I mentioned in the other post, it would be very helpful to get your logs, repro steps, traces and other information we can use to troubleshoot.  Would you be able to file a customer support request?  Because of the sensitive information/PII that can be in the data we ask that you work with Support Team.  They should be able to gather the necessary information for our team.  Thanks for your help! 




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This is happening to us currently (it wasn't happening as of 2 weeks ago) and I can recreate it at will. chrome_debug.log pasted into Word doc below. I can't find any smoking gun causing it but I can cause it easily. On the log below you can see it loads one of my IE mode sites on line 1558, but when I try the exact same site 3 minutes later on line 1781 it loads it in Edge mode. I tested on the current Beta edge (87.0.664.18) and it is still occurring on it. 

@wbabbit Hi - Thanks for reaching out! 


The IE Mode team has been investigating.  Would you be able to try run MS Edge with the command --disable-features=msUsePrerenderNTP and see if that fixes the problem?


Let us know if that helps!  Thank you! 


Also, there have been some other discussions about this on a separate thread (Re: Problems with Enterprise Mode (IE Mode) in recent builds ? - Microsoft Tech Community), if you want to take a look.  



@Kelly_Y It looks like that resolves the issue, I haven't been able to make it occur in the last 45 mins and generally it took me 2-3 minutes to make it happen prior. 

@wbabbit Thanks for testing!  I will let the IE Team know that it seems to resolve the issue in your case.  We'll follow up with any updates as their investigation continues.  



@wbabbit Hello! Good news!  Just heard from the IE Mode team that the next update being released to MS Edge Stable V86 should include the fix. 



@Kelly_Y That is great news!  Can you share what specific version of Edge Stable (and Edge Beta) will include the fix?  That will make it easier to check as users report the issue, to see if they got the right update yet.  Thanks

@wbabbit Sorry for the duplicated responses but I wanted to post in both threads.  


Got word from the IE Mode team that the fix was released yesterday to the Canary Channel and will get to Stable next week.  Thanks! 



Hello. We have been in IE mode since June 15 and I'm getting feedback from users reporting similar behavior. Edge suddenly forgets to launch IE mode at random. The user has to close all Edge windows, reopen and wait the 65 seconds and IE mode seems to work again. The site list, stored on a share, never changes. Also, sometimes the site launches a standalone IE window! Something is up. Does anybody have any ideas? Thank you so much.