Edge Beta broken since latest Windows 10 1803 / Microsoft Edge update

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Since the last Windows 10 1803 update 10 10.0.17134 and Microsoft Edge update, Microsoft Edge Beta no longer works.  On launch, whether running as standard user or administrator, you get the message 'this page is having a problem' Try coming back to it later - you could also open a new tab or refresh this page.   Both new tab and refresh do not work.  You cannot access settings - it hangs.   Uninstalling (no repair option), rebooting and installing the latest download of Edge Beta results in the same problem.  Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 continues to work fine.


All our users currently testing Edge Beta have the same issue.  We left it for 4 days hoping there would be an update or the issue would be resolved but it is still there.  Could you please confirm if this is a known issue and how it can be fixed so we can continue testing?



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@Defox I think you have to be running Win10 1903. I don't know that it works with 1803 or 1809

@Phillip Frabott

we've had it installed since it's release in August and it was working fine in 1803 up until now! 



Right, I know that. What I mean is, I don't think newer versions going forward are going to support 1803. I could be wrong. But I would wager that it might be the cause. Only way to really know would be to either take one of the PC's with the issue and update it and see what happens. Or take a bit to bit copy of said PC and lab it, the then update it to 1809 or 1903 and see what happens. That would probably give better insight as to what is going on. If it still doesn't work after the update then we know it's not the 1803 version of Windows 10 and it must be something else going on. That's where I would start.


I don't have any 1803 machines anymore otherwise I would run the tests for you.

@Defox  Sorry for the delayed response. Are you still running into this issue?

One possible reason for this is if you are using an older version of Symantec antivirus, it fails a Code Integrity Guard check in the latest Chromium builds. In the meantime you can set this policy to disabled if you are still blocked - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-policies#renderercodeintegrityenabled

Yes, you are correct - we discovered on Monday that Symantec was causing the issue.  After upgrading to SEP 14.2 the issue was resolved.   We are rolling out the upgrade and asking users in the meantime to use the switch -disable-features=RendererCodeIntegrity in Edge Beta as a workaround until they receive the new version of SEP