Edge 89 Stuck In Update/Restart Loop

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We are deploying Edge updates through our local WSUS, and we have the Update policy override default policy set to enabled and Updates Disabled so that Edge does not update from the Internet.  Since upgrading to Edge 89, we have been having issues with Edge prompting that it needs to update and restart, even though no updates are available through WSUS.  When this happens, the user selects restart which restarts Edge, but the prompt will come back about an hour later.  It almost appears that Edge is seeing that an update is available online even though it is not yet synced to the WSUS repository.  Right now we have 89.0.774.54 deployed but we are aware that 89.0.774.57 came out on 3/18, although it has not yet synced into our WSUS.


I am aware that there are two scheduled tasks and two services that trigger Edge updates.  The one scheduled task runs every hour.  I have attached the log file from the MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.exe service, but it is not particularly helpful.


This issue is very annoying for our end users and didn't start until we updated from 88 to 89.  Complete removal of Edge and the Edge Updater service and reinstallation does not resolve the issue.


Group Policy Configuration is as follows:


Enable component updates in Microsoft Edge Disabled
Notify a user that a browser restart is recommended or required for pending updates Enabled
Notify a user that a browser restart is recommended or required for pending updates Required - Show a recurring prompt to the user indicating that a restart is required
Set the time period for update notifications Enabled
Set the time period for update notifications: 3600000
Update policy override default Enabled
Update Policy Updates disabled
Update policy override Enabled
Update Policy Updates disabled


Any assistance with this issue would be appreciated.

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@jdbst56 Hello!  Sorry to hear about the issues that started with v89.  I'm reaching out to the team to check if this is a known issue.  


If you haven't contacted MS Edge Support (https://microsoftedgesupport.microsoft.com/hc/en-us)  already, they would be a good option to help troubleshoot and gather any necessary logs to investigate your specific case.  


I can follow up here if I receive any updates.  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y thanks there is at least one other post on the Edge subreddit that mentions the same problem as mine starting with 89 https://www.reddit.com/r/edge/comments/maoxtc/edge_update_issue/

@jdbst56 Thanks for sending!  That's helpful and I've passed the Reddit link along to the team.  :)


I'll let you know if they have any questions or if additional information is needed to understand what is happening. 



@jdbst56 Hi!  You might have already saw Missy's update on the Reddit thread but wanted to also post here that we have investigated and found the root cause.  We are working on getting the fix released to all of the different MS Edge channels :) 


Thanks for your help!  And we'll continue to keep you updated about the fix.  



@jdbst56 Happy Monday!  The fixes should be in the following builds or newer. 

  • Stable 89.0.774.67
  • Beta 90.0.818.24
  • Dev 91.0.838.0

I'm just double checking on the Beta build number, if there are any changes to the information will let you know!  :)  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y Do you mean 89.0.774.68 Stable? I don't see any 89.0.774.67 version listed under Stable channel release notes.

@jdbst56 Hello!  Yes, 89.0.774.68 should have the fix.  :)  


If you are still able to reproduce using the new build, please let us know and I can report back to the team.  Thanks for your help! 



@Kelly_Y Am in Edge version 91.0.864.54 (Official build) (64-bit) and still seeing this repetitive  words as "To finish updating, restart Microsoft Edge" though I did restarted them lot of times. Am in a WIN2019 server where along with me, several other users too logged in it as its a RDS server.  


@karthicksek Hi!  Just to confirm, do you have MS Edge auto-updates disabled by policy?  (Example: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-update-policies#updatedefault) Hoping to understand if this is the same issue as the others on the thread or if you are running into something different.  


Did this issue recently start occurring?  Are the other users experiencing the same issue as well?  Thanks!