Disable the EDGE getting started page - GPO no longer works

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After the latest release of Edge DEV we don't seem to be able to suppress the getting started page.  All users when they launch EDGE are seeing this.  When they close the browser it comes back again.  Not sure what we are missing here...



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common MS someone has to have seen this....

@sdonnels Hmm, I can't seem to replicate the problem. Is it just on Dev? If so, have you tried uninstalling and re installing?

@cjc2112  Yeah It happened right after the last update.  I've uninstalled/re-installed and tried the new edge-stable release. 


Can anyone tell me for sure the GPO setting that disables the first-run welcome? Or registry setting?

Oh...I should clarify...its not when they open the browser back up.  If they run through the welcome prompts and close down the browser in the same session it doesn't come back.  Should the server reboot or if the user logs off they have to go through it again.

Trying the latest Edge Dev with Windows server 2019, it's fine
Did you get anywhere with this? Fresh install from the MSI, I don't see a way to suppress this message.



Nope...seems more and more likely that its something you cant suppress any longer.  We went to the stable release version off of DEV and made some changes to our profile management software to not exclude the new profile location so at least users only have to see the getting started page once.

@sdonnels I was having this issue as well until i realized that the local appdata was getting erased when each user was logging out. Set the GPO to redirect the appdata to the users roaming profile. This resolved the first run issue with each launch. However I am now presented with a warning that I cannot seem to suppress about settings being stored on a network drive. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to suppress this warning ? 

Can we get a GPO disable this please? Why would I want this to pop up in a business setting?

@dbh_troy   In a pure TS setting not off the top of my head as generally the roaming profile is going to be looked at like a remote location.  I use Citrix so the profile management (UPM) can use a remote location but to the system it looks like its a local profile.  I can also pick and choose what I want to sync back to the profile store.


In your case I might look at utilizing FSLogix as that will help in the same way...and if as a MS customer you should like have rights to it.