Dev Build - Azure AD Account Sync Error

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Having an issue with the Sync when using my Global Admin enabled user to sign to Edge to try and sync. We have two Global Admin accounts, one has the Azure Premium, which they have enabled the Enterprise State Roaming to "All". My account does not have the Premium addon.


Whenever I log into the Edge Dev channel with my 365 email, it asks to Sync, i approve, and then i get an error saying it cannot sync, and to try sign-out and then sign-in. Have done this many times, but doesn't work. If i use a Microsoft account, the sync works fine.


Now, if i login using one of our standard everyday users (using the same computer, and Edge install), the syncing will work as expected for them - as the setting for syncing settings and app data across devices is set to All.


My question is, are Global Admin accounts not included as "All" for the sync settings/app data in Azure AD? 

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