Deploying a PWA and an icon - too much to ask?

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Having logged a call with support i've been informed its impossible to deploy an icon allong with the config to deploy a pwa?

Using the following policy

I wanted to control the icon delivered on the desktop when installed after using the "create_desktop_shortcut": true, "default_launch_container": "window" } configuration.

Im struggling to understand why you couldn't pull down an .ico or image such as a png to act as its icon.

Am I supposed to wait until the new microsoft app store is available and use
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@NickBeauchamp Hi!  I've just reached out to the team and it looks like adding a custom icon using the WebAppInstallForceList policy is a feature request that is on their radar.  Unfortunately, there is no ETA right now, but appreciate the feedback.  





The MS documentation now shows the options for Custom icon and title, yet also has warning that its not available in edge, I wonder whenthis will be available being as there documentation shows it even with a warning not in edge