Define the WebApp shortcut name when using WebAppInstallForceList

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Is it possible to provide a self-chosen shortcut name for the web apps? In the documentation I only find this information.



    "create_desktop_shortcut": true, 
    "default_launch_container": "window", 
    "url": ""
    "default_launch_container": "tab", 
    "url": ""



Thanks for you help! 

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@maikwinter That would be great!

But not only to define an own shortcut name. It would be also great if we could add the WebApp directly to taskbar or bin to Start Menu. Do you plan to add such a option in an future Edge Version?


@re_bl @maikwinter Hello!  Our team is currently investigating adding an additional property to help define a shortcut name!  It looks like we've had other similar requests for this feature as well. 


@re_bl  In regards to your request to add to Task Bar or pin to Start, I've passed on your feedback to the team.  Also, if you haven't had a chance yet, you can also submit your feedback through the browser. ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback).  


We can follow up if we hear any updates from our team!  



@maikwinter @re_bl Hello!  We have a modification coming in V89 for the WebAppInstallForceList Policy which will allow you to override the app name.  


Here is a link to our updated documentation: 



Let us know if there are any questions.  Thanks! 








Hi Kelly_Y,


I'm on Version 89.0.774.57 (Official build) (64-bit) of Edge and im getting an error: 
Schema validation error at "items[0]": Unknown property: override_app_name

when adding the override_app_name to the WebAppInstallForceList policy, is my build new enough?


- Koen


@Koen van der Eijken Hello! Are you seeing the error in edge://policy?  It sounds like you might be running into this


Do you know if the WebApp is still being successfully installed?  I can see we have worked planned to update the message in edge://policy to be less confusing.







Hi Kelly,

The app installs, with the https:// name instead of the name I put in the override.
Seems indeed that I need to wait for a newer edge version :)


- Koen