Default Search Provider policies - recommended vs mandatory

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It looks like it is only possible to set a default search provider as a mandatory policy. It would be useful to us if we could set this as a recommended policy so we could set the most popular choice as default while allowing folks to change it to their preference. Any chance this feature could be added? 

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I use Group Policy preferences(registry) to solv this.

@baig79 not sure how you managed this, because the settings are in the Policies key in registry it is for the user impossible to alter it ?


I'm with @AndrewSAIF that this would be a nice update.


Hi, I have attached a screen shot.

It is defined in User Configuration.

It sets DefaultSearchProviderEnabled(HKLM) to 1 if default_search_provider_data.template_url_data(HKCU) does not exist.


I have also enabled in policy Microsoft Edge/Default search provider these values:

- Default search provider name

- Default search provider search URL

- Default search provider URL for suggestions

Ah, nice find!

Won't work for us because of a RDS (multi session) deployment.


Maybe I'm missing something but this will only set the default until default_search_provider_data.template_url_data is set, which happens on my machine right at first launch. So as soon as I restart Edge, Bing is set as the default search engine again.

Is it Possible to add this setting Default search provider also to the GPO (ADMX) Microsoft Edge- Default Setting (User can override)?

Exactly what I was looking for ! I would like a recommended GPO (no mandatory one) but that will be enough. Miss just to force sync bookmarks on the first run

Thank you