Default notification setting trumps NotificationsAllowedForUrls and NotificationsBlockedForUrls

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In our organisation we want to be able to block all Desktop Notifications within Edge but allow only the specific sites we manage/select. 


Currently setting DefaultNotificationsSetting will trump the NotificationsAllowedForUrls and NotificationsBlockedForUrls GPO settings.






Would it be possible to change this behaviour or are there alternatives ways to allow only the required sites?

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@gyost Hello!  Currently are you setting DefaultNotificationsSetting to BlockNotifications (2) and also setting NotificationsAllowedForUrls to allow notifications for the specific sites on your list?  Then are you seeing all notifications being blocked?  


What happens if you just set the NotificationsAllowedForUrls policy for the specific sites and do not use the DefaultNotificationsSetting policy?  Do you see unwanted notifications?  


Also, can you share what version of MS Edge you are using?  Thanks! 



Thanks for your reply, I have tested and allows the specified site however not configuring DefaultNotificationsSetting does allow the user to control what sites they want to add.

Just from a management point of view our organisation would prefer to manage the list solely. Hopefully this could be reviewed in future versions.