Data type in the "synctypeslistdisabled" policy

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In the French documentation of the policy "Configure the list of types that are excluded from synchronization", the data types are also translated ( Will the policy works if I set the data types in french?


Another question : Will this policy impact synchronization to "Phone and Other Devices"?






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@vincentfri  Hi Vincent - I've clarified with the team and it is necessary to use English words as the value when setting the policy. 


For example: "favorites", "settings", "passwords", "addressesAndMore", "extensions", "history", "openTabs", and "collections"


English is necessary because they are compared against a English only values in the source code when processed in the browser.


Thank you for reaching out, we plan to update our documentation based upon your feedback!


In regards to your second question, can you clarify the portion about "other devices"? 



Thanks for your quick reply.@Kelly_Y 


I will rephrase my second question:


There are two possibilities of synchronization in Edge's settings:
- "Settings - Profiles - Sync"
- "Settings - Phone and Other Devices - Sign in to sync"


Which are impacted by this strategy?