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I know the chromium project is deprecating user agent string in lieu of user agent hints, and since edge is based off of that, can we assume it will follow suit? Is this why there is no option in Edge to modify user agent strings (outside of dev tools)? Or is there anything on road map to allow this? We leverage a custom string to force forms based auth with ADFS for select common users so folks can check their mail, only way we can get those custom string is by putting a few office online URLS in the IE compatibility XML

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@Russell Meyer Hi! Microsoft Edge supports User-Agent Client Hints starting with version 90.  More information can be found here: Detecting Microsoft Edge from your website - Microsoft Edge Development | Microsoft Docs.  Thanks! 



Kelly, thanks for the reply but that really doesnt answer my question in full. What about the ability to alter this information outside of the development tools at an Enterprise level, similar to GPOs did for IE?

@Russell Meyer Are you referring to the Enterprise Mode and the Enterprise Mode Site List?  My understanding was in IE11 the list was used to determine the compatibility mode for a site but not the UA String or maybe there is another IE Policy :) 


I'm not sure which browser your organization is currently using but websites developed for IE should work in Microsoft Edge through IE mode.  Since it sounds like you are having a compatibility issue please feel free to reach out to the App Assure team for remediation assistance ( and help with your specific scenario.  Thanks!  



We are trying to get folks over to MS Edge Chromium, and we do leverage IE Compatibility XMLs for legacy sites that are still transitioning...This issue is we want to continue to leverage edge but with select MS Applications like ADFS, we need to inject a custom string so that it will force forms based I know you mentioned IE compatibility XML, yes we can put the adfs server in that however due to the engine flipping back and forth it looses the auth and identity so we have to put all sites for exchange online and other 365 sites in the IE XML which is not ideal as we lose features...I recognize this is an edge case (no pun intended) but I have been asking MS for some time (few years and cases) and have yet to get an answer on user agent strings future...ideally this could be also solved if the ADFS would allow a way to force select groups to forms based auth (again multiple cases and years)

@Russell Meyer Sounds like it's been a while you've been chasing down these issues.  Somethings that might help with authentication if you are moving over to Microsoft Edge and using IE mode is configuring neutral sites or using cookie sharing. 


Here is some documentation: 

And like I mentioned, if you need help with your issue the App Assure team can help with your problem. :smile:



We leverage the neutral sites for a few web apps in similar situation where the token is generated on site and then goto

just seems like I am doing alot of work for something in IE we could easily control...let me see what I can do with cookies and adfs, but on the surface it appears I need to know the cookie name
well going through debug I think I have found something...but will take some time...I believe the tokens are userid,ohpauth,ohptoken
so did the cookie thing and that worked! however there appears to be a delay when loading IE mode and user agent strings...I have a GPO that specifies the useragent string for IE...initial page load in IE tosses edge UserAgent info, but upon refresh it shows correct info...going to test canary and beta builds

@Russell Meyer Are you on v96?  The team is tracking an issue starting in v96 involving IE mode and the wrong UA String.  Other customers have mentioned after refreshing it fixes the UA string.  


For a little background, it appears the introduction of the InternetExplorerIntegrationComplexNavDataTypes policy might be a factor.  One work around suggested is disabling the InternetExplorerIntegrationComplexNavDataTypes policy (set to 0). 


In case you are running into this issue, we can keep you updated about the fix they are working on.



correct, v96...I submitted feedback last night...

@Russell Meyer Happy Friday! 


I believe our developer was able to backport the fix for the incorrect MS Edge UA on first navigation, I think it might be included in the most recent Stable Build ( released today in case you want to give it a try.  Thanks!