ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn not Working in stable 91.0.864.37

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Hi Everyone,


we experience the issue that the AutosignIn stopped working, after upgrading to stable 91.0.864.37.

The User is prompted to sign in with an Microsoft Account instead Autlogin to our onprem AD.


This is set in our GPO:

ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn  -> Enabled -> SignInAndMakeDomainAccountNonRemovable

Browser sign-in -> enabled -> Force (2) = Force users to sign-in to use the browser


With Edge 89 and 90, everything was and is working. 


Can anybody suggest what to try, to fix the issue? If you need more Information, just let me know.


Thanks Thomas

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@Thomas_4031 Hi!  Sorry to hear about the issues that started in v91!  


I would recommend reaching out to Support ( they will be able to work with you directly to troubleshoot and gather the necessary logs from your machine.  Thanks! 



I forgot to post a solution to this problem.

Our Proxy blocked the domain . Why ever the Edge needs this domain to connect to our fully OnPrem environment.