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I have been looking into deploying our favourites via the Edge group policy Configure favourites, I have created the string from Edge through the Export favourites configuration but I have ran into a limit of the string as soon as it reaches over 5937 characters the string goes blank. Has anyone else had this issue?

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@RyanE94 Hi!  Just to confirm, are you following these directions ( from our documentation?  If so, does it go blank during the "Export your favorites configuration" step or can you provide additional information about when the issue occurs?  


Also, would you be able to provide the MS Edge version number you are using?  (In the upper-right corner of Microsoft Edge, select the ellipses icon (...), and then select Settings. Select About Microsoft Edge to see your version of Microsoft Edge.)  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y Thank you for your reply,


Yes I am following that guide, it is when I am pasting the string Edge gives into the GPO box Configure favourites it goes blank if it reaches over the character count 5937, if the string is less than 5937 characters it shows without issue, but if another character is  put into the box to make it 5938 the box goes blank.


I am running 

Version 90.0.818.49 (Official build) (64-bit)

@RyanE94 Thanks!  I'm checking with our team to see if there is a character limit for that policy or if they have any ideas.  We'll follow up with any information/insights from them.