Configure Edge dev on Mac with intune

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Was someone already successful in deploying setting for Edge Dev on macOS using Intune?
For testing I took the policy example (plist file) which can be downloaded from I renamed the file to as described here But when I deploy the file (converted to xml file) with a custom macOS policy, nothing happens on the macOS in Edge (for example the homepage should be set) even though Intune shows the policy was applied successful.


Any help is much appriciated.





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@Peter Klapwijk 


Can you post a copy of the .mobileconfig (the xml file) that you are pushing through Intune? If you open the Profiles pane of System Preferences, does your payload show up? Can you upload a screenshot of the Profiles content? When you open the browser and navigate to edge://policy, what policies does it show, if any?


If your payload isn't showing up in Profiles, there is likely some issue either with how the Configuration Profile is being pushed by Intune or is being installed on to the device. It could also *possibly* be a malformed .mobileconfig file. If those are all good and edge://policy is not showing your policies, a work-around might be to restart the browser or possibly the machine.




@grhousto Thnx for the reply. I'm out of the office now, when I'm back I will have a look and share a screenshot

Hi @grhousto finaly got some time for another test.


I now took the example file from

I renamed the plist file to
Intune shows deployment as successful.


On the Mac under System preferences, Profiles the profile is show. Only thing I noticed is, it shows no details, where other custom policies do show details. 


When I open edge://policy in Edge Beta, it shows no policies as applied.


maybe @Intune Support Team can also gave a look at this?





Seems that the example file is missing some required information. There is no payload info in the file....


@Intune Support Team Please confirm if this is the issue and provide a correct one if this is the issue.