Company Logo Misbehaving

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Hi there!

As of today our company logo is completely off to the right on the new tab experience and it is also skewed, see attached.

In attempt to fix the problem, I have also completely disabled the legacy policy Set new tab page company logo (obsolete) ( however the logo is still there.


Any help is appreaciated!



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@Luka Mestrovic Hi!  The NewTabPageCompanyLogo policy is obsolete and stopped working after version 85 (  Are you using an older version of Microsoft Edge?  Have you tried updating to the current version?  Thanks! 





Hi Kelly,
Thank you for the feedback.
I know that the policy is obsolete, that's why we have disabled it and indeed Edge does not have any values under edge://policy (see below).

The version is the latest 91.0.864.67 and that is exactly when it started happening, together with a weird border white line on new tab experience, as it was already reported here somewhere.


Thank you for all the support!