Combating Smart Defender On An Exe File

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Hello community, 


Hope this has found the correct home -- looking for some tips from other who may understand the issue I'm facing. 


We've recently release an application with a .exe installer. The exe is code signed -- including the binaries inside it. 


I've had a relentless smart defender warning blocking downloads since we launch. It's been submitted numerous times -- and every time Microsoft says -- "User should not be getting warnings from Edge Smart Defender" -- however they still are. They also say once the app is downloaded / used more it should also improve its trust.


We're at the point where the app has been download over 10k times -- and still the issue persists, we're losing a large amount of downloads on windows computers, and I'm just at a loss on how to handle it. Seemingly Microsoft / Windows cares zero about the problem and refuses to offer any sort of direct communication apart from: 


"It should be working" 


Does anyone know how to get in touch with a real human who is a part of their team that can help resolve this? -- Or perhaps understand what else might be causing the security flags to wave? The most annoying thing is I have a friend distributing a similar app entirely unsigned, without warning at all. 





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