Cloud Site List Management for IE mode is in preview!


Cloud Site List Management simplifies site list management for IE mode, including but not limited to hosting the list on an authenticated cloud endpoint. You can access this experience through the Microsoft Edge site lists Org setting in the M365 Admin Center. As of today, you can opt in to Public Preview for Cloud Site List Management from the M365 Admin Center. 

The preview experience is focused on enabling you to store your organization’s site list for IE mode on Microsoft Edge in a compliant cloud location instead of requiring on-prem infrastructure. Within the M365 Admin Center, you can create, import, edit, and export site lists as well as audit changes to site list entries. You can publish multiple site lists to the cloud and use group policy to assign different device groups to use different site lists. 

More information on the experience is available at


We look forward to your feedback!

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Hey, I don't know if that is default behavior, but Cloud list is synchronized to the Microsoft Edge after the first restart of browser.

Before that - is pointing to the totally different address on the Location field.

After first restart of browser, everything works fine.

It is a know behavior? 

Thanks, Kuba

@Jakub Piesik Hi!  Would you be able to provide screenshots (please remove any sensitive/private information) or some additional details about what you are seeing?  


Access to the site list requires explicit browser sign in for the first download, is this related to the scenario you are experiencing?






Hey, thanks for your reply.

Already checked this setting: explicit browser signin - and it's enabled by default

When I first time open MS Edge I will be logged in using SSO, but on the edge://compat I can see this:

2022-01-04 07_53_21.png


After the first restart of Microsoft Edge, ESL is applied properly.


Best regards,

@Jakub Piesik Hi!  A couple of months ago we had a similar question come up on Tech Community and the URL location was similar to the one in your screenshot.   


Would you be able to confirm if you have enabled the group policy for IE mode, “Configure Internet Explorer integration” (Configure IE mode Policies | Microsoft Docs)?  Or how are you enabling IE mode?  


If you are not using the Configure Internet Explorer integration policy, can you try to enable and test again?  If you are already using that policy, additional information would probably be necessary to investigate and it might be best to reach out to Support  They should be able to gather logs and help investigate your specific case.  Thanks!